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Family - Hill of Gold

When the Saia family came to me for their family photos, they knew exactly what they wanted: Warm, rustic and outdoors. The El Dorado Hills based family wanted their hometown to be the backdrop for their family photos and scouted this location, which happened to be perfect. The expansive field had the simplicity they were looking for with enough rocks, trees and views to keep it interesting. Plus, the addition of my tufted love seat made way for some sweet poses, and some playful ones too.

It didn’t take long for this family to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and I was able to truly capture their fun, loving dynamics. I always want clients to feel comfortable, so we get to know each client before each session, especially when children are involved. In this case, I stepped away from the camera to play with Maddox and Ashlyn for a bit before asking them to take photos. This made the family photo session a fun experience for these kids and the photos reflect that. I’ll admit, I had a lot of fun too!

Let’s be honest, typically husbands/fathers are somewhat reluctant to take photos. However, for this session husband/father Chris was filled with personality and confidence, so taking photos was just as fun for me as it was for him.

If you have ideas for locations or poses, don’t be afraid to share them with me. I love to hear ideas from our clients. And if you need direction or suggestions, I’m here for that too.

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