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Engagement - Love, In Their Own Way

For Angel and Kyle, their love story would certainly make for an entertaining movie, but not exactly the old-Hollywood romance story many would expect. With more ups and downs than a roller coaster, their path has taken some unexpected turns. But ultimately it led them to exactly where they were meant to be: together.

They met when Kyle went on a date with Angel’s friend. Quickly realizing Angel was more his type than the friend, Kyle asked for Angel’s number – with the friend’s support, of course. After a couple months of dating, Kyle decided he needed to work through some personal matters before settling down. After two years of not talking, they reconnected through social media at which time Kyle was ready for something serious.

After a few years of dating, Kyle began planning his proposal. Although things were going great, they found themselves in a heated argument one evening. Out of frustration and incredible passion, Kyle blurted out, “I love you, will you marry me?” It wasn’t exactly the proposal he had been planning, but it was honest and raw. They tried not to tell everyone about this unconventional proposal and planned a staged proposal a month later in Tahoe. Their friends and family already knew about the spontaneous engagement, but went along with it anyway.

True to their style and history, Angel and Kyle wanted a passionate photoshoot in Tahoe, of course. I was thrilled to work with this fun couple and wanted to capture their dynamic relationship by featuring each of their unique personalities. The wardrobe, hair, makeup, location and amazing couple came together in a pretty special photoshoot. I love the opportunity to get creative.

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